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We’ve been where most of you are as employers and health care insiders.

We’ve owned a medical practice, acted as CEO and CFO of large ambulatory networks, and balanced health plan decisions for our employees while watching the financial bottom line. As employers and health care executives, we intimately know the challenges and the legislative changes driving business decisions. More importantly, we’ve navigated those challenges and created a winning formula for success in improved patient outcomes, savings, and immediate increases in revenue for value-based services.

Meet Dave and Michelle

David W. Bowers, MD
President and Chief Medical Officer

Private Practice and Health System Physician, Educator, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, multiple clinical leadership roles, and Executive Director…Dr. David W. Bowers has worn many hats during his 35-year career as a Board Certified Family Physician and his more than 20 year career as a Physician Executive. Dave’s most recent career accomplishment is adding Co-Founder, President and Chief Medical Officer of Innovative Healthcare Teams to his already-impressive resume. Truly “one of the good ones,” Dave’s vocation has been to combine his wealth of medical knowledge with his business acumen to deliver exceptional outcomes for patients, practitioners, and employers alike.

As IHT President and Chief Medical Officer, Dave spearheads the organization’s strategic and clinical operations. Dave has navigated the changes in the healthcare landscape firsthand, and knows the challenges health systems and medical practices face as they strive to succeed in the current market, while delivering exceptional patient outcomes and driving revenue. There’s no substitute for experience, or success, and Dave’s rich career combines both; IHT leverages both to bring maximum benefits to the clients they serve.

When I meet with the Medical Director of a group practice, I’ve been where they are; when I meet with an employer in charge of making healthcare decisions for their employees or Executive Directors of health systems, I’ve been where they are. There’s nothing more rewarding than using my breadth and depth of medical and executive experience to create solutions that can help ALL of these clients, and their patients, achieve the best possible results and outcomes in today’s murky healthcare landscape.
— David W. Bowers

Prior to co-founding Innovative Healthcare Teams in 2015, Dr. Bowers held senior leadership positions in the healthcare industry, including Executive Director and Chief Clinical Officer of Reading Health Physician Network; Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer, and Director of Clinical Affairs of Lancaster General Medical Group and Medical Director of Preferred Health Care, a provider sponsored PPO.

Dave earned his bachelor’s degree in pre-medical studies from the University of Massachusetts and his medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine along with a graduate certificate in Medical Management from Carnegie Mellon University and the American College of Physician Executives. Dave is also a passionate educator, and has held clinical academic positions at Pennsylvania State Milton Hershey Medical Center and Millersville University. Along with his co-founder Michelle J. Burris, Dave is an engaging public speaker and author whose white papers appear in various acclaimed regional and national publications. You can see Dave onstage at the upcoming 2016 MGMA regional meeting and several other venues throughout the year.

Michelle J. Burris, MBA, CMPE
Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

Standing just 5’2” tall, Michelle Burris brings a larger than life presence with her when she walks into a room. Co-founding IHT along with Dr. David Bowers is the latest chapter for Michelle in an already-accomplished career that spans years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps to becoming a skilled financial expert, earning her MBA from Monmouth University and is Board Certified by the American College of Medical Practice Executives (CMPE).

As EVP, Michelle is the commander of all business functions at Innovative Healthcare Teams. Unlike executives who may choose to remove themselves from daily client interaction, Michelle works directly with clients from the assessment phase throughout the consulting process. As the company CBO, Michelle applies years of experience and education to all executive financial and operational matters, including oversight of the organization’s financial analysis of client quality incentive contracts.

The opportunity to consult directly with clients to coach and advise them on things like the benefits of team-based care, Medicare Wellness solutions —that benefit their patients and increase revenue— or providing insider knowledge to employers on making healthcare decisions for employees while guarding the financial bottom line…that’s huge for me and a big part of why I’ve co-created IHT with Dave. I get in the trenches with clients, whether it’s expertly negotiating contracts on behalf of employers or teaching clients and their staff how to execute and implement IHT solutions. It’s there we can add the most value.
—Michelle J. Burris

Prior to co-founding Innovative Healthcare Teams, Michelle Burris has held several high-profile leadership positions in the health care industry. Most recently, Michelle simultaneously held both CFO and VP of Operations positions at Reading Health Physician Network. Previously, she was CFO at Heritage Medical Group; prior to Heritage, she was VP/CFO at Lancaster General Medical Group. Michelle began her 18 year health care career with Meridian Health Resources where she ultimately held the role of Controller.

Michelle continues to apply her ability to create highly productive work environments marked by mutual trust and respect, and the continuous expansion of an organization’s shared knowledge base. Using outstanding team and relationship building skills she’s honed throughout her career, Michelle bridges communication gaps and empowers departments to function as a unified force committed to organizational goal achievement.

A long-time member of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), Michelle has recently been elected to their Board of Directors. A dynamic public speaker and writer, you can see Michelle present with her co-founder Dave Bowers at the MGMA 2016 regional meeting, and read her white papers in various highly-respected publications as featured on www.ihteams.com.



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