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Innovative Healthcare Teams can help you achieve your goal of high quality, cost effective care for your patients in a Value Based Payment environment. Successful implementation of Team Based Care will not only improve communication, collaboration and coordination among your entire healthcare team, but it will also improve patient access along with overall patient and employee satisfaction. When Team Based Care is in place, the patient experience is expanded beyond the traditional physician-patient visit. Your team will be led by the physicians, but will be expanded to include mid-level providers, practice managers, nurses, clinical and non-clinical support staff and most importantly, your patients.

We go beyond standard consulting services to provide innovative clinical, financial, operational and change management that supports the transition to Value Based Payment. Together, we will build unique and high-performing healthcare teams that will serve as the foundation for improving the quality of care and quality of service you deliver to your patients. Ultimately, Innovative Healthcare Teams will help you improve the overall health of your patients via Team Based Care. When you are ready to progress, your newly developed teams will also serve as the basis for Patient Centered Medical Home and Population Health Management. Our care team model will position your organization to better manage the health of your entire patient population across the continuum of care.

We will begin with an overall practice site operational assessment to determine your readiness for Team Based Care. In order to identify areas requiring performance improvements, we will review and analyze factors such as patient access, office flow and current performance for selected quality of care measures that impact quality incentive payments. This in-depth analysis will allow you to close gaps in care resulting in improved overall patient health with a focus on the related payer incentives. We will use our knowledge, proven skills and tools to guide you in improving your overall practice site processes in order to optimize patient health.

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