Innovative Healthcare Teams Updates

Team Based Care

By: David Bowers, MD

  • The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), in 2007, put forth their Triple Aim recommendation for improving healthcare delivery:
    • Improving the experience of care,
    • Improving the health of populations, and
    • Reducing per capita costs of care
  • The American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Leadership, in 2011, published its guide, “Team Based Health Care Delivery: Lessons from the Field” and summarized case studies from three health systems that achieved some success in Team Based Care Delivery and found that they shared common themes for success:
    • To be effective, teams need to be inclusive, designed from the bottom up and require strong senior leadership for success
    • The need for clear and accurate data that everyone can understand and make their own
    • The need for education and training in how to be a team and if you can reach what makes people passionate, you can motivate them
  • Prior to creating Innovative Healthcare Teams LLC, while senior executive leaders at an ambulatory employed medical group within a large health system, we followed a similar path that led to improvement in both clinical and financial outcomes over a two year period. Our website ( case studies depict successes in creating high performing teams from the bottom up, organizing data into useful information upon which to act, and initiating cross-functional teams at the practice site level and between entities of a large health system, a large employer, and large insurers to close care gaps, improve clinical and financial performance, and simultaneously, improve employee and patient satisfaction.

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